Are weddings all like this? Let me dispel the myth.

After being a Celebrant at 265 weddings so far I have observed the following similarities and wanted to share with you what I have experienced and hope it makes you feel very normal about your special day!

1: All families have something or someone that will disrupt the smooth sailing of the day or the lead up to the day! You are mixing people and personalities and even people who have history with others too. Remember this is not your responsibility to make them all happy!

2: Some things will be out of your control from weather to sickness so don’t worry on that level.

3: Animals and children –when I worked in Television we never knew what would happen and to expect the unexpected was our motto!

4: Things just happen!

Once you are here in Coffs Harbour and the wedding is the next day, my advice is to roll with it! Have a few trusted friends to help you micro manage any unforeseen issues and then just relax , enjoy and try not to subscribe to any dramas that happen-easier said than done I hear you say!!!!

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Tim and Tash say I do

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