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When choosing your wedding vendors you want to be sure that you connect with them and that you are on the same page as you for their role in your big day. This is particularly important when it comes to choosing a Celebrant. However you also need to know that they are going to deliver an amazing ceremony which flows seamlessly, with your guests loving every moment, all while putting you at ease so you can enjoy your seriously awesome wedding. Here are some important questions to ask when choosing your wedding celebrant. I am really happy to answer all of these plus more! Q:Will I get to proof my ceremony wording before the wedding day, and if so when? A:I think this is really important and the sooner the better for you to be able to confidently make changes until it is 100% perfect. Q:I plan to take my husband’s surname, do you submit my application for my marriage certificate? A: As your Celebrant I have already sighted your official identification, so I am authorised to submit your completed form to Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) on your behalf. The benefit to you is that it saves you from having to arrive at your local BDM office armed with a stack of specified ID to prove who you are, and where you live, or from having to get these ID documents witnessed by a JP and apply by post. Many Celebrants don’t include this as part of their service, so don’t assume that they will do this for you as that’s not always the case. I make sure I do. Q:Tell me about your PA System? Is it cordless? (creating a more seamless ceremony and eliminating a trip hazard) A: One of the most common comments made that you hear from guests is that they couldn’t hear the ceremony so a good quality PA System is vital. I have a great reliable and big system that can be heard by everyone and have never had this issue at all. I will add more questions in my next blog and welcome any questions at all through my contact page!


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Thank you so so much Sam for your absolutely BEAUTIFUL ceremony. You were the perfect...

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Tim and Tash say I do

I have had the honour of being asked to marry close friends again in the NT outback at Gorrie Station! To give you an idea this it is literally 100...

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