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Everyone now has permission to give you loads of advice!! It can be so overwhelming as you also have a wedding to plan. I asked some fellow long term marriage mates about what they believe gives their marriage longevity . I really loved their ideas. Here is what they shared with me:

1: Negotiation-this seems to be a key word-this seems to be a skill that couples need to use on a daily basis from every daily tasks to big decisions that need to be made.

2: Look up to another couple who are ahead of you-like mentors. Both of you need that friend and mentor to ask advice and for guidance.

3: Continue having dates-we all get so super busy but scheduling time together in a purposeful way is extremely valuable and is investing in your marriage. Its important to have fun and do all the fun things together that actually brought you together and made you fall in love in the first place.Life throws at you careers , family, children and unexpected turns so making time to date is a key to marital success.

4: Don’t completely lose yourself in marriage as well. My friends tell me, and I agree, that doing your own thing is just as important. Having your own friends and fun times separately is healthy.

5: Share your day. Its great to reconnect and share your day. I am guilty of coming home from work and then straight onto the computer to deal with emails etc but its just as important to stop , chat and share. I am lucky as Scott is the cook so sitting and watching him cook plus chatting is important. Steal those special times.

You will have your own important ideas of what is your “glue”-for me it is humour-we both need to be able to joke around and be light-we have our own joke language. Everyone is individual and everyone is drawn to their significant other  for all sorts of reasons- I have observed this and find it fascinating-invent your rules and I hope you enjoy the wisdom of my friends!

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