The magic isn’t in getting married, it is in being married

“To me, the point of marriage is to be happy. Not every minute of every day, but happier with that person than you’d be without them. And he needs to be happier with you than without you. It’s the only reason to stay together. Not for the kids or for the money. You have to like being together most of the time”. I read this somewhere and it so resonates with me! I also believe an alignment of core values is another important ingredient but for me it has also been a mad sense of humour. I meet so many people who have had so many experiences and have often found their perfect mate a second or third time and I love that. Everyone is different and I respect that as well. I feel very lucky to have just celebrated my 23rd wedding anniversary with my husband Scotty. It has not been without the usual ups and downs but we have genuinely enjoyed each other’s company and shared so much together from living in different remote places around Australia to raising our three children and enjoying every minute of that to sharing every aspect of our lives together. Scotty has always been there and supported all my paths like when I wanted to really pursue being a Marriage Celebrant. All these aspects I believe make up a successful relationship but that too is individual. What may be important to me may be completely different to another person. The glue that sticks people together is so unique that we can never judge what makes a couple want to be together. I have the honour of just fleetingly rubbing up against people’s lives all the time and I only see vignettes but I love to be a very small part of their story when they decide to commit to each other in marriage.

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Thank you so so much Sam for your absolutely BEAUTIFUL ceremony. You were the perfect...

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Tim and Tash say I do

I am not the first to say that! Its been so up and down and challenging for so many in so many ways- its been extra hard on all the...

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