Each and Every Wedding is special to me even as I reach a century!!

Shane and Jo-A very special wedding as it was Wedding Number ONE!

I think it is important to say that even with me now doing many more weddings I am still just as passionate as I was when I started and I think even more so. I have had the opportunity to experience 100 weddings and 5 Baby Namings and that has been so fulfilling and made me grow in not only confidence and experience, but to know how much I love this as a career. I cannot believe how intimate and special this profession is.

I have had the privilege of performing ceremonies for close friends, my brother, my brother in law, locals and interstate couples. I have had all sorts of ceremonies and rituals and married couples who have been famous and others who I was not permitted to mention on social media-I always respect a couples privacy. I have travelled to Sydney, Cessnock, Crescent Head, Queensland and Alice Springs in the NT. I am travelling this year to Canberra, Byron Bay and Darwin!

If you really love this, and I have to say you would be mad not to, then each wedding makes you grow as a person too. I get a front row seat to people’s lives and that is a privilege. Being in love, making that commitment public and then including family and friends in this celebration is the ultimate experience, in my opinion. I understand that even the most confident of people still find this a bit nerve racking but I like to think that I absorb those nerves and help make a couple feel at ease. The lead up is big but the day is huge with all the last minute organising and preparations. There are so many special moments.I know that from the time the groom arrives and then waits for that walk in of his bride, that he needs his groomsmen and me to relieve his nerves.I love seeing the groom lay his eyes on his bride for the first time. I know many couples worry about how they will deliver their vows but I have learnt the following after 100 ceremonies:

  • Your vows will come out perfectly on the day
  • Everyone at the ceremony is enjoying seeing you, the lovers.
  • That every couple is wasting energy on being afraid of having all the attention on them
  • That every couple cannot believe how quickly the ceremony went
  • That it is not as¬†nerve racking¬†as a couple have thought and that they actually enjoyed this part of their day
  • That they are glad they spent the time on their ceremony as they feel so fulfilled that they said what they wanted to say to each other.

So THANK you all for taking a chance on me and I am humbled by your trust in me. Here’s to another 100 and beyond.¬†Love Sam xxxx


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