Its funny that where to sit , can be the hardest bit!

I listen to what Brides and Grooms tell me and what particular issues arise when organising their big day.

Recently I was chatting to a couple and they told me that the task of seating everyone was surprisingly ,to them, one of their hardest tasks.

I would imagine deciding who to invite would be the first hard task but I have been told where to place everyone is the next!

In this day and age when families have so many different combinations it can be a logistical nightmare to set up a seating chart that suits everyone.

Remember, you’re not going to be able to make everyone completely happy!

The first person to talk to is your fiancé as you need to decide if you are going to be the sole decision makers or if you will be taking requests from friends and family.

Traditionally the Bride sits at the Groom’s right, with the Maid of Honour on his left and the Best Man on the Bride’s right. The rest of the party follows suit in an alternating male/female pattern.

If you are having a small wedding party, you may want to include their spouses or dates at the head table. Or, you may choose to spread your wedding party around at the guest tables, which would also allow them to sit with their partners.

The table of honour is the table closest to the Bride and Groom table and is where the parents of both the Bride and Groom and sometimes grandparents sit during the reception. Divorced parents should be seated at different tables of honour with their partners and close family and friends.

It’s great to seat married couples at the same table. Younger children should be seated with their parents or, if you have a lot of children attending, you might want to have a “kids” table” which is strategically placed near their parents with some crayons and paper or other games and toys to keep them busy.

A wedding I attended recently had the friends divided up in groups that the bride had been friendly with at different parts of her life and from the various places she lived. This was so lovely and it made for such a great catch up too.

Younger people who love music should be at tables close to the music while older guests may want a quieter table.

I suppose the best thing to do is suit yourselves and try not to stress out trying to meet everyone’s requests and remember it is your day!!!


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