Amy & Aaron’s special day

What was the weather going to do this last weekend on the Coffs Coast? I was driving to Halfway Creek to Amy and Aarons wedding and wondering if we were going to have to resort to the wet weather option which would spoil the beautiful Wishing Well that the whole family had made.

On arrival we were greeted with the most gorgeous looking dark haired hot pink dressed model called Erin with a big pink flower in her hair and she was an organiser! I then met the musicians that are related to the bridal party and were performing the opening song and other songs likeduring the Stone ritual ceremony and at the signing. They are nervous but excited , just like me!

Before you knew it, I had my sound system set up and I am in position chatting to Aaron the Groom Then the bridesmaids were on their way to us through the pink petal rose pathway and specially placed pavers. Then Amy appeared and there was not a dry eye!

She looked beautiful and walked her very high heels with both her parents either side. Then Aaron and Amy joined hands and locked eyes as we commenced the ceremony.

The Stone Ceremony was special and did not go to the original plan but when everybody came up to collect their specially polished stones and then make a wish and placed them in the well, then everybody’s nerves were all alleviated.

The whole ceremony took on a more relaxed tone and we proceeded into the vows which Amy and Aaron had written themselves. They were beautiful and powerful and enjoyed by everybody.

I wish Amy and Aaron every happiness and they were a delight to deal with and I loved being part of their special day!

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