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I have always dreamt of becoming  a Marriage Celebrant . Now living in Coffs Harbour, I am so excited to be able to be able to fulfil that dream!

I am a huge fan of marriage and commitment as well as love and romance.

I hired the services of a Wedding Celebrant myself over 20 years ago myself and she was so lovely and really worked in with us to create the vows and ceremony we really wanted.

I knew I wanted her job back then!

I have been happily married for 25 years now to Scotty and we have 3 gorgeous children.

I would like to tell you a bit about me as it makes it easier for you to decide if I have the skill base you need to assist you in your big day.

I started my professional working life as a Registered Nurse training at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. I met my husband there as a patient!

I travelled Australia ending up in a career in Hospitality and then fell into a career in Television. I was lucky enough to work on a Children’s Television Show and became the Producer of the Show. I worked in the TV industry for over ten years.

This job involved travelling to remote Australia performing shows live and also organising all the shows content. I had to be on stage and be able to commentate, dance and sing (badly) to our Children’s album that we produced and that made sure I lost any form of shyness! I had to liaise with all sorts of celebrities to entice them to be a guest on our show too.

I was instrumental in organising big community events and learned how to coordinate people and shows. These skills that I have acquired can only enhance what I can do for you. I have learnt to be well organised and to be able to coordinate events and to be calm and happy whilst delivering the highest of standards in all my dealings.

I have worked with many types of personalities in my life. I thoroughly enjoy people and love nothing more than a celebration. I love to entertain and thrive on big get togethers. I believe in giving back to the community you live in and I am involved in various groups and charitable events.

I have just acquired the status of Justice of the Peace this year and am very happy to offer those services as well.

My aim is to build up my business and service the Mid North Coast and beyond. I am hoping to bring a fresh and colourful spirit to the Celebrant Industry.

Email me: sam@marriedbysam.com.au

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