YES = Equality = bring it on!!!

November 15 at 9:57am I was poised on the edge of my chair and then my gorgeous son facetimed from Cairns where he was part of a get together and he showed me the room- a room with faces full of anticipation-then the YES came through and the overwhelming swelling up emotion hit me-I cried and cried. And in that moment I realised the enormous impact of that one word- that was really a YES to human rights, YES to acceptance , YES to love, YES to equality for all and YES I am proud to be an Australian. As a Civil Celebrant but more importantly a mum of a gay son-what a moment!

I have had many people call and stop me in the street to discuss this issue and the stories of hardship especially from the 70 and 80’s are heartbreaking with the treatment people have received. I have really loved seeing how happy everyone around me is and now its a matter of seeing how quickly this can be executed so we can get on with it now!!!! I must say that the Marriage Equality team based in Sydney , especially Sarah who was my contact , were amazing in bringing everyone together, supporting people and campaigning-well done Tiernan and the team x

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