You have said your vows- what happens next you are married now!

Congratulations on your marriage! You did it! You got through the wedding and now, you’re back and you’re ready to dig in to life as a married couple.

It’s okay to freak out a little bit. You spent months planning your ceremony and all of the details. You spent hours trying on dresses, choosing songs, outfits, deciding on colour themes , where that divorced aunty will sit because she does not get on with that uncle anymore, interviewing photographers and celebrants and caterers. You spent days stuffing invitations into envelopes, mailing them out and tracking a guest list. You have now had the big ceremony, the big party and time off together or even the big honeymoon.

It’s natural to feel a little bit let down as you stand in your home, looking around and thinking What am I supposed to be focusing on now?

While the ceremony, reception and honeymoon are done, the first few days and weeks after you get married are just as jam packed as they were before your wedding. You will actually be busy winding everything up. There will be those jobs like returning hired outfits, working out what to do with your wedding dress, to saying thank you for gifts. There is also the legal part. You will receive your official Marriage Certificate from Births Deaths and Marriages and this is the one you take around to officially change your name if you choose to.

Post wedding is also about having fun as you get to look over photos and enjoy the parts that seemed to rush by. After all the official stuff is done it is now the beginning of enjoying and having the fun of being married !!!


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