Writing your vows does not need to be stressful now!

When I ask couples what areas they are most concerned about when we discuss creating their personalised ceremony , I get a resounding-THE VOWS! I am here to let you know that this can be the fun part and I am here to take that stress away. I also offer ways that your vows can be delivered too.Everyone has to legally hear the 4 lines stipulated by law, but we can do anything with the personalised part. You don’t have to have any more vows or I can pose anything as a question with the answer, “I do” or we can have sentences that are easily repeated after myself, with or without the microphone-the options are endless and this is my job to help. The vows can be secret from each other and they can also be identical or different from each other. They can be humorous or serious, traditional or way out! So lets get creating!

SAMS TIPS: Write your vows from the heart-you know your partner better than anyone so just be true to yourselves x

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What they say

David and Amy say…….

I highly recommend Sam. Best celebrant ever. Great personality. Soo easy to get along with,...

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Holly and Ben

All the weddings I do are really special to me. I cannot help but get...

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Holly and Ben

What a year! Thank you to the 47 couples I married this year with 9 couples taking advantage of the Marriage Equality law in 2018!  I had the honour of...

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