Vow renewals are a great way to say I am still in love with you today!

Speaking from recent personal experience I can say that a Vow Renewal can be so special and really solidify to each other how you feel after all these years together. Like a wedding, this is also a milestone shared in front of family and friends and making this event even more special. I added in surprising my husband, Scotty, and all the guests and chose to do this at my 50th Birthday party as I knew I would not have an opportunity to get 170 people in one room ever again-maybe at my funeral I hope (so joking!) It can be celebrating the milestone of 1 year, 5 years, 10 , 25 or 50 years married –its up to you! I would highly recommend a Celebrant to do the honours like I did with fellow Celebrant colleague and close friend Kim Piper. My story of having my original wedding cancelled by my father was shared and I told the room how after 25 years I still want to hang this bloke! He is my best friend and we still have fun. Of course we have weathered the ups and downs of growing up a family and everything life throws at us all but we have come out the other end still in love and that is worth celebrating. SO if you are thinking of renewing your vows and would like a personalised ceremony-surprise or not-call me!

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