Married 24 YEARS together today! Still so happy what can I say!

I have so many fun conversations with people as a Celebrant-as you know I love my chosen career –I was recently chatting to a wedding guest when he said to me-you celebrants are funny-I have never met one who was not divorced and often a few times so how can you talk marriage etc –I was proud to shoot back that I have had the same husband for 24 years! He was shocked!!! But it got me thinking-I actually think all relationships need to be respected and honoured-everyone has a different situation and so many scenarios and I am hoping that we are moving away from these types of judgements. I am hopeful as I see society shifts about all sorts of hot topics and I am proud to be in an era where we are embracing all relationships-this brings me to a very popular topic where I am being asked more and more to preface our current lawful authorisation with the couple’s beliefs on same sex marriages. I love the fact that a Celebrant’s role is one where there is no room from any judgement at all. I love that I can accommodate all couples as I truly respect what is important to them. So I must give a big shout out to my husband Scotty-I know I am so lucky and thanks for sticking with this girl for over 24 years!!! Our fun and quirky wedding will always be super special to us and I love you!

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