I have been busy having a look but what do I first book?

Photo by Scott Carle Photography-You are engaged!!! Congratulations by the way! And now you would like to set the date. But like many couples I meet, this is the hardest part as you may or may not have a venue in mind or the one you want is booked. Its decision time! From my experience, I really recommend to book way ahead in advance. I cannot emphasize this more. It is also much more cost effective as often you can arrange to make part payments with all the suppliers and venues too. So I think the venue is no. 1 , followed closely but the Celebrant and then the photographer-I find that these are interchangeable and depending on what is important to you, the decision is often based around one of these; if you really want that venue for a special reason or that particular Celebrant or photographer. Of course the other aspects are just as important like your decorator/stylist, florist and caterer, dresses etc. Couples I meet often cannot believe the amount of decisions that need to be made! But this is also the fun part and it’s great to see couples compromising on what is special and important to each.

SAMS TIP: Plan well ahead AND enjoy the process along the way too!

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