Ask away , as it is all about your day!

I get asked all sorts of questions and often when I am waiting with the groom and soothing his nerves just before the music starts.

I am often asked if the grooms cry? My answer is a yes and it is absolutely normal, everyone is so different and it is actually really touching. That does not mean that you have to have the pressure to cry though!

I am often asked how many weddings have you done? Over 150 now in a few years which is great as my experience just grows and grows.

I am asked if you have many bridezillas that you have to deal with? I have to honestly say no! I can see disappointed faces to that answer but I think that what I portray seems to attract like minded couples so I have been very lucky to avoid any dramas on that score.

I am asked if a bride has ever just not shown up? Luckily no to this as I would not like that fallout but I have had a bride who was 45 minutes late!

Has anyone ever forgotten the wedding rings? YES and that has caused some drama so I now check that when setting up with the groom and best man!

Has anything funny happened at weddings? My answer is that there have been incidents like fainting guests and I nearly fell straight into a pool during the vows BUT I am relieved to say I have not mixed up any names except in the vows I have had a groom say AWFUL wedded wife accidentally instead of LAWFUL wedded wife-that brought the house down!!!

If you have any questions for me, whether you are booked with me or not, please email or call as I am happy to help! or 0417 861 045

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