Tradition to me is so lovely to see!

I so enjoy chatting away to guests as they are gathering in excitement to see their loved ones getting married. This weekend I met a beautiful couple who have been married for 60 years! Very proud, of course, and they told me how the Queen had sent them a letter. The gentleman was particularly proud as he was wearing a suit that was 35 years old-the very same suit he wore to the brides mothers wedding. How beautiful is that? I also asked them-what is your secret-what is your spark? The lady replied immediately-always communicate to each other-‚Äú I still hand write notes everyday to let him know where I am and what I am doing‚ÄĚ. Communication-wow! And in a world where we really have no excuse to not communicate with all the technology around, I just had a moment where I wondered if this simple style of communicating was actually all we needed! Food for thought. She was also proud that he had that suit on but did tell me the outside looked Ok but the inside was a bit worn-we chuckled that that is how their bodies felt too!!! Just another great aspect of my job-meeting amazing people and hearing their story.

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David and Amy say…….

I highly recommend Sam. Best celebrant ever. Great personality. Soo easy to get along with,...

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Holly and Ben

All the weddings I do are really special to me. I cannot help but get...

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Holly and Ben

We received our marriage certificate just as we returned from our honeymoon which was super exciting! We wanted to thank you again for everything and for making it official.We had...

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