It’s your big day-how do I keep my nerves at bay?

I know this is a hard one to do and even with me soothing your nerves and saying that the ceremony will really go  quickly and you will feel so relaxed and be absolutely fine-kind of helps but not really I hear you say?

Here are a few tips that may help:

1: Identify your list of chief concerns

Make a list and put them in order of priority-facing these head on will really remove the intensity.

2: Surround yourself with positive people

This is so important-you only need family and friends who are truly sharing in your excitement-we all seem to have those people who are a bit difficult so just keep them at a healthy distance and engage with them after all the formalities are done!

3: Talk about your anxieties

Any doubts about anything will fester, so articulate them to your closest friends or family and confront them as taking action will instantly reduce stress levels.

4: Allow yourself to be supported

This wedding is not solely your responsibility, you can delegate and you do not have to be the one holding it all together alone.

5: Rehearse the day in your mind especially after your rehearsal with me!

Mentally walk through what will happen on the day, from beginning to end. If there are parts you are worried about (these are usually the aisle walk, the vows and the speeches) focus on your role in that only – you can’t control what anyone else does or says.

6: Be positive

Smile, be happy and enjoy your wedding day. It’s going to be amazing!

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