Say YES to the rehearsal!!!

I always recommend a rehearsal as it really makes your day run so smoothly. It is such a great chance to work out your positioning and what side suits you when standing in front of all your family and friends.

I love to meet you and your bridal party onsite to also run through the walk in music timing and for you to picture your day which always makes everyone feel so much more relaxed.

When I worked in TV we would often do what we call a “recce run”-this was when we would scour the place that we wanted to film for a segment. This would familiarise the crew with what we were doing from positioning to lighting etc. I always felt at ease as everyone then knew what to expect and the end result was always superior to when we “winged it on the day”! I think this is important and I know every couple I have ever worked with has found this invaluable! See you at your rehearsal………

Great Experiences
What they say

David and Amy say…….

I highly recommend Sam. Best celebrant ever. Great personality. Soo easy to get along with,...

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Video Testimonial

Holly and Ben

All the weddings I do are really special to me. I cannot help but get...

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Sam's Blog

Holly and Ben

We received our marriage certificate just as we returned from our honeymoon which was super exciting! We wanted to thank you again for everything and for making it official.We had...

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