Before tying the knot, would you take up the $200 or not ?

I have the pleasure of meeting couples once they have fallen in love, obviously proposed and have made that decision to take that next step to marry-what an amazing milestone that is in anyone’s life. I love the diversity of my job. I love how individual every couple is and what they consider is important to them. My responsibility as a Civil Celebrant is to also include pointing out the various helpful courses offered to couples for any ‚Äúfine-tuning‚ÄĚ or pre marital preparation. The big news is that the Government is offering a $200 subsidy to be used for marriage and relationship education and counseling, including parenting education, conflict resolution and financial management education.

While the focus is on couples who are married or intending to marry, couples who are in a committed relationship, including same-sex couples, will also be eligible for the payment.

¬≠Before tying the knot, it seems like a great idea to discuss such subjects as expectations of marriage, family influences, individual strengths and challenge, ‘stages’ of marriage, communication skills, conflict management strategies and developing and sustaining intimacy to name a few options on offer.

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All the weddings I do are really special to me. I cannot help but get...

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We received our marriage certificate just as we returned from our honeymoon which was super exciting! We wanted to thank you again for everything and for making it official.We had...

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