Enjoying the journey to your day is the really the best way!

I seriously learn more for my couples than what they learn from me! I have had the privilege now of marrying close friends and this month is no exception! I get an extra insight into the preparations and challenges that a couple faces leading up to their big day.
As much as it is easy to say not to get stressed , or just relax , that is easier said than done. I do have tips included in my pack when we meet suggesting how to enjoy this “lead up” period and I have been told that this helped. Asking for help and accepting the help. Anticipating who will be your great support people is important. Take time for yourself alone but also don’t forget the groom to be.As stress levels can rise sometimes I see couples lose sight of each other and get caught up in the technicalities of the wedding. Try and stay connected and squeeze in date nights! Exercise and all its benefits is important as well as meditation and lots of pampering. Lastly, expect to be nervous and jittery, that is absolutely normal!

Great Experiences
What they say

Guy and Jacqueline say…………….

Photography credit-The Moores Photography Words cannot express how happy we were to have Sam as...

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Holly and Ben

All the weddings I do are really special to me. I cannot help but get...

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Holly and Ben

I am so excited to be the Celebrant for 3 weddings this weekend and all my couples have an awesome story of how they met and why now is the...

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