Long after your service is over, my service to you is not over!

I love that moment when I pronounce a couple “husband and wife- you may now kiss!” It really marks a new beginning in a couple’s life and the journey we have had together, until that moment ,has arrived! For me it is full of mixed emotions as my relationship with each couple is kind of over now!
We have shared a special time together as we have created all the elements of the ceremony together. I have often met and got to know family members and often been let in on various parts of a couples life.
It’s an unusual relationship as really I am a supplier but it inadvertently becomes more than that.
What I like to do ,which is a bit different, is to follow couples up one more time with overseeing that their Marriage Certificate is processed correctly. I like to make sure there are no spelling mistakes and to be able to fix any errors that may occur. Mistakes can happen and paperwork can go awry and I am more than happy to follow this up via the channels I have access to.
It is also my opportunity to receive feedback as well but more importantly it is seeing the whole process through to the end!It’s that one more step and maybe that one more selfish excuse to have contact!

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