It’s often what we don’t plan for , that creates memories we adore!

It is the special moments that happen that are unrehearsed that I am now seeing are the most memorable.
Recently I have witnessed these spontaneous moments in time and they have been so special that even I have had a tear in my eye.
I am a big fan of couples considering involving family members within the ceremony, like saying a reading or being involved in various rituals too.
I watched a young boy and girl read a poem and everyone just loved the raw emotion that they expressed.
I have also loved those moments where we are all connected in emotion. I had two funny incidents recently. The first was when I was conducting a ceremony by the edge of a pool and the next thing I repositioned myself to commence the vows and tripped and nearly fell in the pool- I heard a collective gasp followed by a huge wave of laughter! That will teach me for making jokes prior about a great opportunity for a You-Tube video!
I also conducted a beautiful wedding on a big skywalk. All went really well even with some guests holding back due to their fear of heights! We got to the signing and with one gust of wind, one very important legal document went flying up and over the edge and down the cliff! We all laughed and I was very relieved that this was retrieved as it was very important to post into Births Deaths and Marriages!
Many people have said to me that you can make the best plans but there is always something that will be that special moment that everyone will remember fondly of that particular couples day!

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