2013 is drawing near-its almost the New Year!

I have to laugh as I don’t dabble in Tarot or readings etc as I am a little nervous of hearing something that may stick and then influence my decision making. I also am a bit pragmatic and believe we are what we create as well.But I am as curious as the next person to know what may lie ahead! Do people really know?

My son, James and his girlfriend, Jess, thought it would be funny (unbeknown to me)to text my photograph and birth date to Psychic TV on late night free TV. They then recorded what the TV presenter said. I was pleased to hear that success was on the horizon, not too sure as I feel very satisfied already! and that I love what I do-great and true so far! He said I love to travel, true and that I am in a soul searching mode for now!

He said I am a people person-perfect-PHEW! Nothing was negative! If he said the opposite I think I would be in real trouble! To not enjoy and love being with people would make being a Celebrant rather hard!

I feel completely refreshed with only a few weeks off and I have been able to enjoy the company of close friends and family and do those fun things I run out of time to do, like stand up paddle boarding, fishing, walking, catching up on lunches with friends and phone calls.

If I am lucky enough to be officiating your big day then I look forward to the time we will be spending together. I hope everyone has had time to relax from their busy lives and here’s to 2014 and all the surprises that are around the corner!

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