What do we say to those who are not there on our day……….

As I meet with couples throughout November it is often about planning their 2014 wedding.

After chatting about what their wedding ideas and wishes are it is not uncommon to talk about family or friends who cannot make it. This can be due to distance, illness or that they have passed away.

We all find the subject of loved ones that have passed away difficult and especially at a time where you are celebrating such a momentous and special milestone in your lives.

This does not have to be done in a sad way.

Many of the couples I meet express angst at how we can incorporate this into the ceremony as it is very important to them. I reassure them that this can be done with the right balance of respect and love.

Different ideas that I have seen have included pictures of loved ones on the signing table, lighting candles and releasing butterflies. It can be really nice words that reflect how you feel that special person has helped shape who you are today.

I am here to assist all the way so ask me when we meet up x

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