Rehearsing your moment is the best component

What an exciting month!  I am enjoying the weddings so much with many couples deciding that October is the month for them. Whether it is at a resort or on a beach or in a rainforest, I have loved being such an intimate part of a couples day. The weather has been perfect with a combination of warm and sunny but not too hot.

I find that having a rehearsal really helps everyone. I need to see you both very close to the ceremony anyway to sign a legal document so it makes sense to have a rehearsal and preferably on site. I am legally required to offer you a rehearsal but I think it is a must.

I don’t mind if who you bring along everyone from  relatives to the whole bridal party as my main objective is to practise the positioning and to make you feel comfortable.I like to show you how to look at each other when you are doing the vows and how to do the rings plus I  also like to familiarise you with the microphone and how to not be distracted by it!

I find that all my couples feel so much more relaxed after doing this and it is a great way for me to meet alot of the family before the day too!

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