To upload or not , that is the question? #Bride!

This is a new dilemma that newlyweds face-what is the new etiquette for sharing details and images from weddings. Brides and Grooms who absolutely do not want social media at their wedding should be able to say so!

I am now being asked to prelude their ceremony with words expressing this concern. This can also be for personal reasons which I have experienced due to the wedding and location needing to be a secret.

Most brides and grooms won’t insist on a tech-free wedding and they may encourage specific internet use to make sure their day gets digitally preserved.

I recently had a wedding where a couple issued a hashtag address for everyone to actively share everything.

This is really great for relatives and loved ones who can’t make the wedding and who will be able to watch photos go up in real time which can help them feel included.

So is it too hard to manage and so just let it happen?

I think the real issue here is the fact that it is so great to have everyone in the moment. When we are looking at everything through a camera or phone we are losing the impact of that moment in time.

Then again it can be argued that we like to have all those moments captured and we can always upload the next day-maybe even after an edit!

As a Celebrant I always ask my couples what suits them.

Be rest assured that I will always get permission to upload an image of the day on my Face book and Website and when you say it suits you both!

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