Visiting my son in Darwin was the reason, just before the Wedding season!

I took the opportunity to pop up and see my first born son before my weekends get busy.

I must say that the nourishment I get from being with my family is so satisfying that I can totally relate to all the many families I brush up against throughout the whole wedding process with each couple.

It is the well thought out words that we discuss to be included within their ceremonies that reinforce to me how important a role families play in a couple’s life.

There are many forms of family too. For some this may be relatives or mentors or close friends but everyone has someone who they like to honour and include on their special day. I believe a wedding is about celebrating those special relationships.

It is of course witnessing the formal union of a couple with everyone they love being involved but it is also saying thanks to those people who have moulded who they are. I look at these great couples I work with and wonder what their future holds but I often see the amazing support systems they have around them too.

I came home really pleased that my 21 year old son is carving out a life for himself that is satisfying and exciting. He is happy and healthy and I think that is all any of us can wish for with our children! He has a loving partner and we got to meet all the extended family too. So without sounding too old and wise I am looking forward to meeting more awesome families in the second half of this year as more people make the special commitment to marry their true loves!

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