Choose a reading or poem or two -be traditional or modern it’s up to you!

Some couples choose readings and poems to be included in their wedding day and some choose to leave this part out.

Alongside choosing songs, I do find that the couples I meet find choosing a reading or two sometimes a daunting task.

I think it’s always a nice touch to a wedding ceremony as all too often the ceremony can fly by and be over before it’s even began!

A reading can really personalise a wedding ceremony and it is also a lovely way to involve your guests.

So a few things to think about when choosing a reading

  1. Is it appropriate? Does it fit with you both and your family and friends
  2. Is it personal to you?It is important that the words resonate with you both.
  3. Is the person giving the reading a confident public speaker? Are they happy to take up the job or are they too shy.
  4. Length, don’t choose something to long!………..or to short!

I have an extensive selection for you to choose from and I am always adding to my collection as couples find new ones all the time. I hope this helps!!! Feel free to contact me through my website for any help at all.

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