50 Weddings on and still going strong!

WOW I actually counted up all the Weddings in my Marriage Registry Book and discovered that TODAY marks 50 Ceremonies that I have performed.

A HUGE Thank you to all the couples who have entrusted that part of their BIG Day to me.

It is such an honour. As everyone knows it only makes up a small part of the events surrounding the Wedding Day but I think it is probably the most important part!

It is not only the legal part but it is when you actual stop and say to each other, in front of all your family and friends, that this person is IT-they are the one that you are committing to for life and that you chosen above all others to love and cherish forever.

Put like that-it is a BIG deal!

For me to be that person, the Celebrant , that helps create that is momentous for me.

So again thank you to my past couples and I look forward to being of service to my already booked couples and bookings to come!

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