On the Radio in Coffs Harbour!

I was asked to be a guest speaker on a local community radio station here in Coffs Harbour 2 Air FMand I was excited. I decided to cover a few areas like fun stories and real life weddings as well as my own story!

 I was also asked to think about love! Besides all the many ways we can fall in love I was asked what makes love and marriage sustainable. It got me thinking.

 I listed them

1.Communication-don’t get frustrated , speak your mind

 2.Sense of humour-Spouses who can make each other laugh tend to be good at de-escalating conflicts when they do arise.

 3.Trust-very important

 4.History together-don’t underestimate how important this is

 5.Feeling attracted to your partner

 6.Commitment-not to be taken lightly

 7.Never stop dating –make the time to enjoy each other

 8.Affection– Spouses who stay in physical contact in some way throughout the day feel connected to each other

 9.Friendship– Spouses who have a strong friendship have staying power in that they not only love each other, but genuinely like each other.

 10.Chore Sharing- Those who divvy up the household or parenting responsibilities in a way that is mutually agreed upon are less likely to hold resentments about what they perceive as “unfair.” Each participates and contributes to the marriage in this way.

 11.Mutual and Separate Friends- Partners who socialize with other couples and also maintain separate friendships have greater balance in regards to honouring themselves as individuals within the marriage. This leads to more self-satisfaction, which translates to relationship satisfaction.

 12.Your own song-have a special song that is yours!

 13.Reliability– this increases emotional safety in the marriage.

 14.Relationship Vision-Couples who have created a relationship vision for themselves know where they’re going as they’ve planned it together.

Hmm that’s plenty to start getting my teeth into for now!

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