Be mine, be my Valentine!

Weddings are on the increase in 2013 and I have been so lucky to say “with the powers vested in me by the laws of this country” in Coffs Harbour quite a few times this month already!

The best part is seeing couples have their expectations filled.

February has brought some wild weather and this last weekend saw both ceremonies delayed slightly and a bit of panic happening as the weather looked very wet and “set in”. On both occasions, it was only a storm that passed and we were able to have the venue of choice each time.

I always reassure couples that the day will “fly by” so try to enjoy and live in the moment. I know that is easier said than done but if you allocate jobs to family and friends, it does work.

Congratulations to my February couples (you know who you are!!!) and I wish you every happiness as you start your married life together and the little bit of rain you had is actually considered very good luck!


Thanks to Scott Carle Photography for taking this awesome pic of John and Anna

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