January 2013 already!!!!!!


January has started with a busy run of weddings and a vow renewal so far!

I love preparing the weddings, rehearsing with the couple and then when it all comes together , there is not a better feeling than when we are ‚Äúin the moment‚ÄĚ celebrating their day.

All the rehearsals in the world cannot prepare you for those unpredictable moments that happen. One of my couples recently joked that we are trying to combine children and animals (butterflies in this case) and who knows what the outcome will be?

We even made that joke in the Ceremony! We also had to contend with a¬† strong wind too! The children were gorgeous, stole the show and but I have to say that the butterflies did not want to ‚Äúplay ball‚ÄĚ-I am not sure if it was the strong winds or the threat of a seagull eating them!

It is so important to roll with the moment and everyone enjoyed this wedding as it was real. I am a huge fan of planning but there will be those unscripted moments that will be just as special and just as memorable too. What will February bring?

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