October heats up……

What a gorgeous time to get married. I am constantly reminded of how many fabulous people there are in this world. I know I am a professional Celebrant being paid to do a job but it is hard not to get close to my couples as we share such an important and intimate part of their lives, together.

I like couples to feel that they own this entire process. I have the tools to help but at the end of the day, this is all about them, what they want and how they envisage their Wedding Day. I can suggest, guide and encourage, but my job is to make sure this is the wedding of their dreams and I respect each couples choices. I think this formula has worked so far. I know I rave about how great people are and maybe it is because I am meeting them at a particularly high time in their lives but it is truly a great career to be in. My¬† friends all ask me ‚ÄúTell us about a Bridezilla, whats the most bizarre wedding you have done?‚ÄĚ and I have to disappoint everyone (and I love a great embellished story like the next person!) because I have had nothing but gorgeous couples who I could easily mistake as close friends-how funny is that? So I will blog a funny yarn one day , I am sure, but for now I am happy to report nothing but really awesome people here on the Coffs Coast and beyond, who I have had the fortune to be able to rub my life up against theirs!

Great Experiences
What they say

Jackie and Joanne say………………………

When the marriage equality law was passed we decided to marry after 27 years together....

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Video Testimonial

Holly and Ben

All the weddings I do are really special to me. I cannot help but get...

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Sam's Blog

Holly and Ben

May started with a beach ceremony, really chilled and intimate at Arrawarra Beach,NSW. The couple Aaron and Julie had been chatting with me for nearly a year and live in...

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