Everyone has a great story………

I have to say one of the best parts of meeting couples is when you get to hear their story. Everyone has one and I love hearing them all. I look back on how I met my husband and it makes me giggle too.

Ok , so would you like me to share? I was working as an RN in Royal North Shore Hospital in the ‘80’s. I have to be careful that this story comes out properly. This is also what I make sure I do when writing my couples stories!

I worked on the Neurological Surgical Ward so anybody who did have any brain trauma or spinal injury and required surgery as a rule. Every day was a surprise and I have to say a very interesting job. This day I walked into the room and introduced myself to patient  Scott. He had been very silly and run into a cab instead of catching one after a night out in Narrabeen , Sydney. He had a neck brace on and was on strict bedrest. I raced up to him and said, “Could I adjust your mirror to face the carpark as my pink VW (yes another one 1971model!) cannot lock and I am worried my stereo may get stolen! “

Poor Scott spent the next 8 hours staring at my car and reporting all was well as he served as security! I was being most professional at all times but Scott thought I was giving him “keen “ messages! He was only just 18 years old! After a few days of watching my car and a few fun conversations I had to take him for a shower. After a chat about why I choose to not wear gumboots as I hate wearing stockings got completely misinterpreted, I then received a postcard from Scott from Coffs Harbour a few weeks later. He was being very smooth and asked me out on a date when he is next in Sydney. Still sporting his neck brace and me wondering if I should really be dating an ex patient , we went out to Manly pub. The rest is history but I can report though that 22 years, 3 teenagers later we are as happy as the day we married!

I say to couples that they can share any part of their stories , if they choose to, within their ceremony too. Some love to highlight a particular  funny or special moment and others like to expand on that at their speeches. The choice is yours!!


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