It’s the little extra’s that I can offer that make your day run smoothly!

I am always looking to improve what I can offer my couples. I do enlist the help of my talented musician husband, Scott .

Firstly I am all about making it easy. If my couples tell me the songs they like, then I can easily download them and burn to a disc. Another job that they do not have to worry about.

Scott has an amazing ear for sound and that so helps me. When we get to a wedding  venue or place with my PA, he does a proper sound check and makes sure that it is at the right volume for the crowd that are coming. There are many elements to consider when projecting sound properly. The different environments make a big difference to whether he has to adjust the volume, treble or base and this makes a huge difference to how the ceremony is enjoyed by the guests. When you have gone to so much trouble to create your ceremony, there is nothing worse than it not being heard by everyone.

A wedding is a performance of sorts and it works so well when everything is timed well. I believe it is so nice to have a rehearsal to not only alleviate nerves but to also make everyone feel at ease to know how the music will work when they walk in and how to pace that. All eyes are on the arrival of the bridal party and the bride and it is such a special part of the ceremony.

Scott is great at making sure it is all timed perfectly. I am really busy with looking after the Groom and the Groomsmen and making sure they are relaxed and ready. I love how he can also time that perfectly at the signing part and then again after declaring the couple husband and wife as the music kicks in to celebrate that they are married now!

So Thank you Scotty! And Thank you guys who have decided on me to be your Celebrant!

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