Wedding Day the Bongil Bongil way!

There was a break in this unpredictable Coffs Harbour weather and we went from heavy rain to a perfectly sunny and beautiful almost spring day. The setting is Bongil Bongil National Park. A very well kept secret and so lush and green and surrounded by the tallest trees.

We set up against the backdrop of bush and tested the sound equipment and music and then set up my signing table, pen, books, hand fasting ribbon and we are just now waiting on guests and a bridal party!

Norm arrives in a cool vintage hot rod with Jarrod and Greg. Mike (from Mike and Amy) is there to start taking pictures and we now make sure everyone huddles closer. Then Linda arrives with her daughter, Alicia and niece, Julia and then the twins and Artie in another car. All eyes are on the girls and then Linda appears looking absolutely beautiful. I love that moment when you see the couple lock eyes for the first time and the raw emotion of that. We performed a different type of ceremony by including a hand fasting which was so special. As different promises to each other are made the ribbon is wrapped around and then a beautiful poem read about how the union of these hands are forever now through various times and events in your life together.

Everything went beautifully and then it was photo time and congratulations all round.

Congratulations to a beautiful couple and a wonderful family unit.

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