Christmas Reflection 2011


I hope everybody has had a fabulous Christmas whatever you got up to! I celebrated with our family on my husband, Scotty’s side who all travelled up from Crookwell in NSW. They are gorgeous country folk who love nothing more than lots of laughs, food, playing games in the park with the kids, topped off by a swim and then country music that seems to get louder as the night progresses! Christmas with this big bunch of people I love got me thinking about families in general! We all seem to have those characters that are the same in each family and we all know who they are. We worry that there may be friction between certain members of the family and if any of those family tensions will come up at all when all placed at one occasion. After listening to bridal couples there are those concerns as well at a wedding…who will be offended at their chosen roles in the wedding ceremony, who gets on with who, who should be seated at the Reception with who and who should we invite etc. All valid concerns too, but I believe at this time, it is all about the couple. They are the focus of this whole event and I remind them of this at every stage as we head to the Ceremony. This is not to say that pressure and certain situations will arise, but it is great to surround yourselves with supportive and helpful people who can deal with “stuff” on your behalf and try to delegate as many jobs as possible. This does make for a smooth day if you enlist as much help as possible. I am so looking forward to 2012 as I have lots of great couples who have asked me to officiate their day and I am so excited to be part of their celebrations. So I wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope it is everything you have wished for……xxx

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